Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Clean Up...on aisle 9

New hand towels at the Hive!! The French Bee in aqua......LOVE.
The French Bulldog..lookin' like my sweet Maximo....miss that boy.
.....How I feel....most of the time ;)
....and last..but not least...
All of these towels measure 20" x 20" , are made from a poly/cotton blend, and are great in the kitchen or bath. They come in several colors and colors can be reversed ,on Keep Calm and Carry On and Now Panic and Freak Out, to create a really cute gift set....can I get a woot woot!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Miniature Garden-ing!

On a recent trip to Disney, I revisited one of my favorite little spots in Epcot. The miniature town (for lack of proper term). I am always intrigued by this itty scale model of a town. It has everything! (even a greenhouse with Donald and Daisy Duck topiary on either side of the path leading up to, said greenhouse). In the spirit of small-ness, and magical-ness, and a desire to recreate special-ness, Hive has, over the past year, added a whole line of miniature garden-ness. I thought this to be a perfect project for the master army man diorama-ist. We started out with this wonderful herb crate from a super great friend at Scott Antiques Market. Jackson , then, selected his miniatures from tha "honey hole" (aka, Hive storage), then his plants. Lucky for the landscaper (moi) he chose a very hearty variety of cacti and succulent (which need not be remembered to terribly often). Then I let him loose to do his thing..I quick snapped the picture before he placed his men on the battlefield. Enjoy! Check out the website for the miniatures that Jackson decided to forego because they were not battlefield appropriate. (however, I do love that he put water in the birdbath for the thirsty soldiers ;) Happy Hive....ing!!