Monday, January 31, 2011

Technological Train Wreck

Jeweled Sacred Heart Cachette
Engraved Sacred Heart Cachette
Sweet Little Lamb and Watering Can
Miniature Garden Tools and Tiny Fuzzy Lamb Pin
Mini Garden Gazeebo with Chandelier
Mini Garden Trellis and Terra Cotta Pots
Wirework Bee Skep
Glitter Bird with Crown
Mini Terra Cotta Pots (another pic cause they're so adorable!)
Mercury "chocolate" bunny (named for its uncanny resemblance)
Hyacinth under Dome (or as I like to call it..."instant spring")
Hive Medallion Pin
Antiqued Reproduction Corona
Large Silver Engraved Sacred Heart Cachette
Metalwork Flower Candelabra
Ok, I admit it...again. I am a complete loser when it comes to the computer. It takes me twice as long to accomplish something, on the computer, as it would the average person. I have admittedly struggled for quite some time, with the uploading of images to my website. Honestly I had given up hope of ever really being able to wrap my little brain around the task. After several downloads (of photo re-sizing software), a purchase of a better camera, and an entire couple of days, taking , re-sizing, trying to upload and add content....I am now, exactly where I started. So..... I will press onward. I will post pics of my new items on my blog (take that little demons of discouragement!!) and if you are interested in anything you can e-mail me @ Humph! (insert stamping of foot)!! More to come.... Happy!