Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coming Soon!!

I'm sure you have seen the British propaganda posters, anticipating an inevitable war, encouraging their country to "keep calm and carry on". I truly love them. Howevah!! This one really speaks to me. These are soon to be coming down the pipe at the Hive. This mini is our prototype we were sent today, we were able to experiment with our own colors. With the exception of the size and other colors we will soon be putting together, it's a go! So for all of you peoples who like to keeps it should contact me via the website or blog to place your pre-order. Happy!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I love these oversized lanterns. Made from a light weight wood and tin. They are great indoors or under a covered porch with battery operated candles. I also....super sauce, love pottery barn. I try to order unusual things from vendors that you don't tend to see everywhere. (this has proven harder than I thought it would be) I saw that Pottery barn had picked up these lanterns a while back and decided not to carry move on to something else. But then I got a call from my vendor (holla to the little people!! whoot whoot!) and it seems they wanted to extend this item at a discounted price.
So, have I got a honey of a deal for you!! My friends at pottery barn carry this, big bad boy (16"dia x 32"h..not kidding it's big!) for $179. I completely understand overhead, and since I don't have as much as PB, I get to sell it for $115. !!!!!!Eeeeeeeeek! I mean YAY!!!

Get your order placed pronto people! (there is a limited quantity, cause I also don't have a warehouse like our friends at PB)...........Happy!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scott Antique Market

Well Spring is finally here...and I couldn't be happier! We still show at Scott Antiques once a month and every once in a while....I remember to take my camera! This is a vintage cigar label I picked up many years ago at Lakewood. I loved the colors...still do. With it's odd shape I never framed it. This was a fun little frame to make.
This bunny reminds me of the chocolate bunny I used to get in my easter basket...the shape is a dead ringer...except this one is without the calories. I also have some super sweet silver glitter eggs that look great in this wagon.

These are just some of the photos from the vignettes in Hive's booth at Scott Antique Market......however...this is probably one of my very favorites. It's just a combination of some of my most very favorite items. Almost all of them are available through the website. Some of the found items are only offered at Scotts. Happy!!