Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A(hhhhh)qua Love

This collection of salt shakers is probably in my top 3 of most favs. I just can't get over this color! I love it....I could seriously look at it all the time and never grow tired of it. Maybe it has something to do with my love of the beach...I don't know!?
I could be addicted you know.........however I don't think I'm in denial.
My husband even likes it...that's how it landed on my dining room ceiling....perfect man of my dreams.
Seriously...there is no shame. (I waited through the whole color rotation for this!)
Even the vintage schoolhouse posters used for teaching metamorphosis, while fantastic in their own right, I totally bought because of that color!
seriously...this could go on for days. (cause this is only one room) I think everybody has a color that just gets em'.......and evidently this one gets me! I think, when nesting, you should use this natural draw to surround yourself with things that make you smile. Happy!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Clean Up...on aisle 9

New hand towels at the Hive!! The French Bee in aqua......LOVE.
The French Bulldog..lookin' like my sweet Maximo....miss that boy.
.....How I feel....most of the time ;)
....and last..but not least...
All of these towels measure 20" x 20" , are made from a poly/cotton blend, and are great in the kitchen or bath. They come in several colors and colors can be reversed ,on Keep Calm and Carry On and Now Panic and Freak Out, to create a really cute gift set....can I get a woot woot!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Miniature Garden-ing!

On a recent trip to Disney, I revisited one of my favorite little spots in Epcot. The miniature town (for lack of proper term). I am always intrigued by this itty scale model of a town. It has everything! (even a greenhouse with Donald and Daisy Duck topiary on either side of the path leading up to, said greenhouse). In the spirit of small-ness, and magical-ness, and a desire to recreate special-ness, Hive has, over the past year, added a whole line of miniature garden-ness. I thought this to be a perfect project for the master army man diorama-ist. We started out with this wonderful herb crate from a super great friend at Scott Antiques Market. Jackson , then, selected his miniatures from tha "honey hole" (aka, Hive storage), then his plants. Lucky for the landscaper (moi) he chose a very hearty variety of cacti and succulent (which need not be remembered to terribly often). Then I let him loose to do his thing..I quick snapped the picture before he placed his men on the battlefield. Enjoy! Check out the website for the miniatures that Jackson decided to forego because they were not battlefield appropriate. (however, I do love that he put water in the birdbath for the thirsty soldiers ;) Happy!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coming Soon!!

I'm sure you have seen the British propaganda posters, anticipating an inevitable war, encouraging their country to "keep calm and carry on". I truly love them. Howevah!! This one really speaks to me. These are soon to be coming down the pipe at the Hive. This mini is our prototype we were sent today, we were able to experiment with our own colors. With the exception of the size and other colors we will soon be putting together, it's a go! So for all of you peoples who like to keeps it should contact me via the website or blog to place your pre-order. Happy!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I love these oversized lanterns. Made from a light weight wood and tin. They are great indoors or under a covered porch with battery operated candles. I also....super sauce, love pottery barn. I try to order unusual things from vendors that you don't tend to see everywhere. (this has proven harder than I thought it would be) I saw that Pottery barn had picked up these lanterns a while back and decided not to carry move on to something else. But then I got a call from my vendor (holla to the little people!! whoot whoot!) and it seems they wanted to extend this item at a discounted price.
So, have I got a honey of a deal for you!! My friends at pottery barn carry this, big bad boy (16"dia x 32"h..not kidding it's big!) for $179. I completely understand overhead, and since I don't have as much as PB, I get to sell it for $115. !!!!!!Eeeeeeeeek! I mean YAY!!!

Get your order placed pronto people! (there is a limited quantity, cause I also don't have a warehouse like our friends at PB)...........Happy!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scott Antique Market

Well Spring is finally here...and I couldn't be happier! We still show at Scott Antiques once a month and every once in a while....I remember to take my camera! This is a vintage cigar label I picked up many years ago at Lakewood. I loved the colors...still do. With it's odd shape I never framed it. This was a fun little frame to make.
This bunny reminds me of the chocolate bunny I used to get in my easter basket...the shape is a dead ringer...except this one is without the calories. I also have some super sweet silver glitter eggs that look great in this wagon.

These are just some of the photos from the vignettes in Hive's booth at Scott Antique Market......however...this is probably one of my very favorites. It's just a combination of some of my most very favorite items. Almost all of them are available through the website. Some of the found items are only offered at Scotts. Happy!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Progress.....Fabulous Progress!!!!!

Yay!!!! Much progress has been made at the .com. I have learned soooo much thanks to "the geek squad" (aka some really...REALLY great , tech. savvy friends!) Lesson 1: watermarking photos (fancy for putting your name on your photos...cause you worked your hiney off trying to figure out the best way to take the picture and you don't want others to use your creative property)...and cause it just looks fancy! Lesson 2 Taking photos in the right light...direction...size..cropping.......never mind, let's get right to Lesson 3: when at the end of your technological rope...tie a knot in it, hang on, and put in a call... for help!!
It is with much satisfaction, that I am truly able to say..."hey, if you like this kind of schtuff, you can order it on-line at!!! ahhhhhhhhh...This was HUGE for me, I am usually more tactile...hence my career. With the help of some unbelievably gracious friends..I now have a little computer swagger!
So, in celebration of this monumental achievement I am going to have a "give away"! (hence..the photo) Lurve this concrete hive In honor of our beloved mascot!! super snazzy for hiding your ball of twine with a little hole for dispensing. Here is how you can get your hands on this fab-o accessory! The first follower (through blogger or facebook), to refer 2 friends to follow Hive's blog...then it's all yours!! EASY-PEASY!! Here's how it's gonna go down.

1. Friend must post a comment stating their favorite item from the website.
2.Make sure to give the name of the referring friend in the post. (cause you certainly want your friend to win!!)

So what are you waiting for?! Get to tha gettin'!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Technological Train Wreck

Jeweled Sacred Heart Cachette
Engraved Sacred Heart Cachette
Sweet Little Lamb and Watering Can
Miniature Garden Tools and Tiny Fuzzy Lamb Pin
Mini Garden Gazeebo with Chandelier
Mini Garden Trellis and Terra Cotta Pots
Wirework Bee Skep
Glitter Bird with Crown
Mini Terra Cotta Pots (another pic cause they're so adorable!)
Mercury "chocolate" bunny (named for its uncanny resemblance)
Hyacinth under Dome (or as I like to call it..."instant spring")
Hive Medallion Pin
Antiqued Reproduction Corona
Large Silver Engraved Sacred Heart Cachette
Metalwork Flower Candelabra
Ok, I admit it...again. I am a complete loser when it comes to the computer. It takes me twice as long to accomplish something, on the computer, as it would the average person. I have admittedly struggled for quite some time, with the uploading of images to my website. Honestly I had given up hope of ever really being able to wrap my little brain around the task. After several downloads (of photo re-sizing software), a purchase of a better camera, and an entire couple of days, taking , re-sizing, trying to upload and add content....I am now, exactly where I started. So..... I will press onward. I will post pics of my new items on my blog (take that little demons of discouragement!!) and if you are interested in anything you can e-mail me @ Humph! (insert stamping of foot)!! More to come.... Happy!