Tuesday, August 17, 2010

China Doll

So this blog (when I take the time to participate) is mostly about decorating, interesting uses for common objects and my web store. However today I feel the need to give you guys a "backstage pass" to what's going on in my life...outside if HIVE. My family is in the early stages of adopting a little girl from China. This is something we have had many conversations and prayers over, for the past few years, and have decided that it's not "going away". So with timid hearts, we have boarded a "cruise for the crazy", yes, ladies and gentlemen....we will have three children...whose ages will span across 15 years. We are so excited it hurts....and can't tell you how much we love the, all too familiar, "why" response, or,"you are in such a good place with your kids now, why start over?"

I have learned a few things about myself over the years, some I still haven't come to terms with, but one is that I like to feel like I am in control of what's going on in my life. HA! Apparently this is not a character trait, or God would not be leading me toward this adoption. So I am not carrying this baby....I can't make sure the biological mom eats the right things, has enough to eat and takes care of herself during this pregnancy?? I think I could literally go crazy thinking of everything that could happen! Then there is this peace.....you know the one. The one that comes from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The one that tells me that I am not in control....the one that says that He is.

We begin our homestudy this weekend, so I have tried to get started on the monumental task of cleaning......we are apparently very unclean, and didn't even notice. I am nervous for our home and lives to be put under a microscope, but I know that this is just a means to an end... the end being our new little girl.

So with that being said, this blog may go from decorating to adopting all in the same post....I mean you really can't expect me not to talk about my new baby...I'm pregnant for pete's sake. (on paper of course) So I will leave you with my prayer for today;


I know that you are growing our hearts so that we will have a love for this baby, that is from you. One that exceeds the boundaries of the womb. The kind of love that put Christ on the cross....the kind that sent Him to die, so that you could adopt me. Thank you for this love. Amen

So another funfilled weekend at Scotts Antique Market for the Hive. I was relocated this month, to a space, a little more to the middle of the building.....much better!!! We had a great time, and everyone seems to still have a fascination with the crowns....so I will do my best to keep them coming. Along with the busy work weekend I found a minute to step away from my booth and do a little shopping of my own. ( hence, the scientific equipment) I have, for a while now been a little obsessed with collecting beakers, graduated cylinders, test tubes and the like. I have always loved how glass glitters when displayed in groupings. I really love the unique shapes found in scientific insturments. These are a few of the items I scored this past weekend....can't wait to create a centerpiece using them. I will keep you posted. Oh yeah, the starburst mirror they are displayed on was another score, hoping to use it for a ceiling medallion in the dining room. (crossing my fingers and hoping not to ruin it in the process!!)