Monday, February 15, 2010

Scott Antique Market?!?!

I thought I would share a few pics from the awesome weekend that we spent set up at Scott Antiques Market. This is a show that we, at the Hive, have spent lots of weekends, as SHOPPERS, and have lots of wonderful memories. This past weekend was actually the second time we displayed our wares at Scotts. I would have to say that getting there and setting up is the most difficult so's kinda like moving and moving back in three days. :) I met so many people and made some wonderful new friends and fellow boothers. The first pic is really not a very good representation of what I had to SQUEEZE into my little crossover. I had TONS of helper bees, and bless em they all did it with a smile. If you have never been, you should definately check it out. It's the second weekend of every month...rain, flood...or SNOW.!!! It was a blast getting out there with all the snow. It was as if the people who were there, felt a little rebellious for getting out in it. Lots of fun and lots of finds!!


  1. Hi Amy,

    Your booth at Scott's was gorgeous! I love your style and all your beautiful things. I hope your weekend was a success. See you there again soon. Lisa

  2. Hi sweet Amy! I just blogged about you!!! The photos turned out wonderful ~ feel free to click and enlarge them and then right click to save them to your own computer...and use them in your blog if you'd like!! It was so nice to meet you ~ hugs and love, Dawn

  3. I totally enjoyed looking at the photo's of your booth that Dawn posted on her blog. You are super talented. I live in South Georgia, hopefully this Summer I can take a road trip and head North!!!!
    Much Success to you,
    Stephanie Coop

  4. Oh my gosh, I love your things, especially the mini trophies and the hanging light frame!

  5. Hi Amy,
    I just popped over from Dawn's blog~~Love your booth and I can't wait to visit! LOVE meeting other GA peaches, too;)
    Many blessings to you~~


    ~Let FREEDOM Ring~

  6. Thanks everyone for the SUPER SWEET comments. Dawn you have a beautiful, and amazing blog. I am truly honored that you took intrest in my booth, I am now a faithful follower. Don't forget about Scotts every second weekend of the month...I would love to see All of you, and the website is still under "photo" construction, so come back!!