Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So another funfilled weekend at Scotts Antique Market for the Hive. I was relocated this month, to a space, a little more to the middle of the building.....much better!!! We had a great time, and everyone seems to still have a fascination with the crowns....so I will do my best to keep them coming. Along with the busy work weekend I found a minute to step away from my booth and do a little shopping of my own. ( hence, the scientific equipment) I have, for a while now been a little obsessed with collecting beakers, graduated cylinders, test tubes and the like. I have always loved how glass glitters when displayed in groupings. I really love the unique shapes found in scientific insturments. These are a few of the items I scored this past weekend....can't wait to create a centerpiece using them. I will keep you posted. Oh yeah, the starburst mirror they are displayed on was another score, hoping to use it for a ceiling medallion in the dining room. (crossing my fingers and hoping not to ruin it in the process!!)

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