Saturday, February 5, 2011

Progress.....Fabulous Progress!!!!!

Yay!!!! Much progress has been made at the .com. I have learned soooo much thanks to "the geek squad" (aka some really...REALLY great , tech. savvy friends!) Lesson 1: watermarking photos (fancy for putting your name on your photos...cause you worked your hiney off trying to figure out the best way to take the picture and you don't want others to use your creative property)...and cause it just looks fancy! Lesson 2 Taking photos in the right light...direction...size..cropping.......never mind, let's get right to Lesson 3: when at the end of your technological rope...tie a knot in it, hang on, and put in a call... for help!!
It is with much satisfaction, that I am truly able to say..."hey, if you like this kind of schtuff, you can order it on-line at!!! ahhhhhhhhh...This was HUGE for me, I am usually more tactile...hence my career. With the help of some unbelievably gracious friends..I now have a little computer swagger!
So, in celebration of this monumental achievement I am going to have a "give away"! (hence..the photo) Lurve this concrete hive In honor of our beloved mascot!! super snazzy for hiding your ball of twine with a little hole for dispensing. Here is how you can get your hands on this fab-o accessory! The first follower (through blogger or facebook), to refer 2 friends to follow Hive's blog...then it's all yours!! EASY-PEASY!! Here's how it's gonna go down.

1. Friend must post a comment stating their favorite item from the website.
2.Make sure to give the name of the referring friend in the post. (cause you certainly want your friend to win!!)

So what are you waiting for?! Get to tha gettin'!!


  1. The book wreath is definitely my favorite & I came over from the Monogram Chick!

  2. love the antique reproduction corona and monogram chick sent me!

  3. Hi - you commented on my blog recently, but I was unable to reply as you hadn't enabled access to your profile on Blogger. I found you though through a search engine.

  4. I love the mini cloches! And the little rust fact I just put in an order!

    Lou Cinda