Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I love these oversized lanterns. Made from a light weight wood and tin. They are great indoors or under a covered porch with battery operated candles. I also....super sauce, love pottery barn. I try to order unusual things from vendors that you don't tend to see everywhere. (this has proven harder than I thought it would be) I saw that Pottery barn had picked up these lanterns a while back and decided not to carry them..to move on to something else. But then I got a call from my vendor (holla to the little people!! whoot whoot!) and it seems they wanted to extend this item at a discounted price.
So, have I got a honey of a deal for you!! My friends at pottery barn carry this, big bad boy (16"dia x 32"h..not kidding it's big!) for $179. I completely understand overhead, and since I don't have as much as PB, I get to sell it for $115. !!!!!!Eeeeeeeeek! I mean YAY!!!

Get your order placed pronto people! (there is a limited quantity, cause I also don't have a warehouse like our friends at PB)...........Happy Hive......ing!!

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  1. Amy, I got my order yesterday and I LOVE IT!! Those mini cloche's are just the CUTEST!! And I love the little wheel barrow and flower pots! I am a fan of the "smalls" so these are just PERFECT!

    I will get some photos and get them up on my blog! I will be ordering some more :)

    Thank you!

    Lou Cinda